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This is a small area set aside as a thanks to the many people that I have pestered for interviews in the past. Some of them are celebrities, whereas some are people who have a fascination or appreciation with the 80s.

Special thanks go out to the people mentioned below, who gave their time to answer some of my stupidly random questions. Please click the name to read the interview.

Anyway, have a read. I’m sure you will find something you enjoy.

Andy Crane
Presenter of CBBC in the 80s and creator of National Willy Fogg Day.

Annabel Port
Author and Sony Award winning broadcaster.

Mr Biffo
Creator of Digitiser on Teletext

Hewson Consultants
Publishers of great computer games in the 80s.

Justin Lee Collins – audio.
TV Presenter, Radio host and HUGE fan of everything 80s!

Burtons – Fish & Chips Snack Makers
Love Fish & Chips Snacks? So do we, now they’re back!

Bullseye TV Show
Laura from Bullseye HQ takes some time out to discuss the making of one of the 80s best TV shows.

Mark Jones
The graphics guy behind the Spectrum game Wizball, amongst others.

Mark King
Bass player from one of the UKs finest bands, Level 42.

Gordon Burns
Best known to 80s fans as the host of The Krypton Factor.

Roland Rat
The international megastar and 80s legend himself.

Matthew Smith
The insane programmer who brought us Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

Jim Bowen
The 80s legend himself!

Gareth Jones and Violet Berlin
Gaz Top from Get Fresh and Violet Berlin from GamePad

Tim Vine
World Record Breaking Comedian

Nigel Alderton
Creator of Chuckie Egg

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