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Fish n Chips – They’re Back!

fishnchipsilOver the last few months speculation has grown as to whether Burtons Fish n Chips were making a return. Different sources reported that different shops were to sell them again, after them being off shelves for around 25 years. Needless to say I was quite giddy about this!

If I was giddy about their return, surely other 80s fans were also giddy about them?

So I mentioned on Twitter that I’d heard that they were to make a return and many followers started conversations with me, querying where they could buy them. I answered them as best I could, using brief details I scoured from the internet. I also managed to find some in Asda, which I promptly bought and tweeted photos of.

It seems as though there were loads of people who are genuinely looking forward to the return of Burtons Fish n Chips. I read tweets from people who, after seeing my tweets and photos of the packs I bought, made special trips to Asda to try to bag themselves a packet or two. People have asked me if I could consider running a Fish and Chips competition, so that people who live in quite remote places have the chance to win some.

In light of the popularity, I wondered if it would be possible to arrange a brief interview with someone at Burtons Biscuit Company, to discuss the reintroduction of Fish n Chips?

They couldn’t have been more obliging!

Hi there! Are you well?

Great now that we are back! Hope all is well with you too!

It is SO good to see Burtons Fish n Chips snacks have made a return after a couple of decades! What was the reason for the absence?

Burton’s Biscuit Company decided to focus on our sweet biscuit portfolio, particularly the much loved Wagon Wheel. However, the time is now ripe for the return of Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips!

And what influenced the decision for them to return?

Whilst we haven’t produced Fish ‘n’ Chips for a number of years, they never truly disappeared from the hearts and minds of the public. In 2012 a poll run with readers of The Sun newspaper confirmed what we already knew; that people love Fish ‘n’ Chips and are desperate to see them back on our shelves. In fact Fish ‘n’ Chips was voted number 1 retro snack that Sun readers would most like to see brought back.

At Burtons we are continually looking for ways to delight our consumers – the re-introduction of Fish ‘n’ Chips is just one of the ways that we plan to do so in 2014.

You do realise that you’ve caused commotion on the internet? I mentioned that they were to return on Twitter and received more requests for information than I’ve had for other nostalgic things!

That’s incredible, we’re so please that Fish ‘n’ Chips still manages to create that much excitement amongst the public and fans.

Are the packs nowadays smaller than they used to be, or is it just that I have bigger hands now
I’m an adult?

We’ve actually come back with three pack sizes – our multibag of five snack packs, our grab bag for on the go, and our sharebag – so there’s a pack for any occasion and any hand size!

On the packaging, are the mock newspaper stories that cover the front the same as the original stories from the 80s? I do remember that they used to have the similar fish-based puns?

No. We loved the 80s, but we are back for 2014 with some fresh fishy tales – enjoy!

I personally picked up a few* share packs from Asda when I saw them on the shelves. I just snatched them, with some sort of animal instinct that I wasn’t aware I possessed until that moment. Which shops can Fish and Chip lovers buy their favourite snacks from and how soon?

Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips, with its eye watering salt and vinegar flavour, were launched in ASDA from the 2nd January 2014 and will be available nationwide in Tesco and other stores from the 15th. You will be able to find them as a 5 snack pack, share bag and grab bag too.

Are they here to stay, or is it a trial “see how they do” return? It would be great if they became a
permanent fixture in shops again!

Yes they are here to stay! And keep an eye out, because there could be new flavours launching in the future!

Did Burtons also make a Chicken n Chips snack? I’ve recently received many queries about
these too? Will these be making a return?

We did, Chicken and Chips was one of the flavours we launched. Whether they will be making a return, you’ll have to wait and see on that one!

Any plans to bring back other 70s and 80s snacks? Burton’s Potato Puffs were another of my childhood favourites, and one I’d personally love to see again.

We never say never at Burton’s, and we’re listening carefully to all our consumer’s feedback – it seems like Fish ‘n’ Chips was not the only great Burton’s product to be missed!

Is the @FishnChipsSnack account on Twitter the official account for your snacks? Should people follow to keep up to date with Fish n Chip news?

It is indeed, check back to hear all our exciting news first! You can also follow us on Facebook – www.facebook.com/BurtonsDailyFishnChips

If you could bring back ANY thing from the 80s, (anything at all,) what would it be? It could be a food item, a toy, clothing… Anything.

Has to be the Mix Tape – days of pressing pause record, pause record- how they have been missed!!

Who would be on your 80s mix tape?

Four songs that would be an absolute shoe in would have to be:

Starship – ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’
Fleetwood Mac – ‘Everywhere’
Paul Simon – ‘Graceland’
Madness – ‘House of Fun’

What was the best TV show in the 80s? *

Has to be Knight Rider – KITT was the best car on TV too!

Thanks to Burton’s Biscuit Company for taking part in this interview!

And I’m sorry Asda, be aware you’re likely to be faced with lots of this:


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