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Tim Vine Interview

I think Tim Vine is very, very funny. In fact at the time of interviewing him he held the Guinness World Record for the most jokes told in an hour.

I remember watching him in “Whittle” on Channel 5, and in “Fluke” (the gameshow based purely on absolute chance) on channel 4, so I bought his “Tim Vine Live DVD” last year. It’s genuinely one of the funniest things I own.

So I thought I’d use my internet contacts, (wink wink) and email him.

What a lovely bloke! He emailed me back the very next day, and agreed to my downright cheeky request for a quick interview.

(cue the Waynes World Dream Sequence…..)

The Intro…

80s : Can you sum yourself up in 5 words?

Tim : outgoing, lazy, happy, creative, scared.

80s : Can you make another word to describe yourself using 1 letter from each of the above 6 words?


80s : What have you been up to recently?

Tim : Editing a film i which i play an airline pilot.

80s : Any plans to release your recent ‘Current Puns’ tour on DVD?

Tim : yes. hopefully through my Tim Vine website by october or november.

Now, some 80s Things…

80s : I’m guessing you’d have been about 10 at the start of the 80s. How did a typical 80s school summer holiday go for you?

Tim : staying in bed late and family holidays to newquay and time spent with my dog called mickey who is long since dead.

80s : What was the worst illness you had in the 80s?

Tim : Hooping cough.

80s : What was your fave 80s TV programme?

Tim : the young ones

80s : What was the best 80s theme tune?

Tim : well starsky and hutch hit a bit of the early eighties so that.

80s : Can you hum it in a recognisable way?

Tim : yes. mmm mmmm mmmmmm mm m.

80s : Did you have a favourite 80s toy or gadget

Tim : casio keyboard MT 40. i’ve still got it and still write songs on it.

80s : Aaah, songs. What was your favourite 80s song.

Tim : gold . spandau ballet.

80s : Did you used to tape the chart show off the radio, and make cassette compilations of your favourite songs?

Tim : no but i think my brother did and i borrowed those tapes.

80s : Were there any 80s TV programmes that you used to watch that made you scared?

Tim : no i was a teenager in the eighties.

Next, it’s the “80s One Or The Other…”
(where you pick one answer out of the 2 options.)

80s : Punk or New Romantic?

Tim : punk middle class.

80s : Paddington or Top Cat?

Tim : top cat

80s : Mr. T or Hong Kong Phooey?

Tim : hong kong fooey

80s : Rubiks Cube or Spirograph?

Tim : spirograph

80s : Summer Holidays or Christmas Holidays?

Tim : christmas

80s : Thanks for those Tim. Finally, just out of interest…. On your last DVD, you filmed your life for a month. When your garden was visited by neighbouring cats, you attempted to attached a ‘trespasser’ sticker onto cats heads. We saw you get one of them. Any news?

Tim : i’ve stopped doing that . it was too much effort. now i just wave at them from my window and they ignore me. i don’t really like cats attitude.

80s : Fair enough!

Tim Vine is touring again, as part of his Current Puns tour.

Click here to check his tour dates, or for news on his forthcoming Current Puns DVD.


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