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Interview number 3 in the “Random Interview” series is with @RetroWench. I’ve chatted to Retrowench a few times online, as she shares the same interest in retro gaming. She also won one of my 80s competitions a year or so ago.

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retrowenchWere you ever so naughty at school that you were taken to see the head?

I didn’t see the head but I should have done for this this; a friend once swapped biscuits with me out of our pack-up, a situation I eventually realised I wasn’t happy with. I explained to the dinner lady she’d taken it against my will and ended up with both! (Shameful – I was 5 though!)

Did you learn any fascinating facts in the 80s?

Everything I learned, I learned from my Funfax.

Did you ever do anything naughty at home?

I remember sneaking a peek at my dad’s copy of Viz once. Nobby’s Piles stayed in my memory forever. I didn’t quite get the humour of course, but remember loving the art style as much as that of my own comics!

What would you buy from the Ice Cream Van?

Fab or a Funny Foot, no question!

What was the best school playground game?

Running around the playground pretending to be Telebugs! Go Telesonic!

Which was better; Saturday morning TV or Saturday evening TV?

Impossible to decide… Going Live was fantastic, I adored Gordon the Gopher, but Noel’s House Party always kicked off an evening of fun family viewing!

Did you ever save up tokens and send away for anything?

Dad used to let me stick in the Green Shield stamps, we got a few bits and bobs off those! And who could forget my precious Lucky Charms colour change mug? (Although that may be early 90s!)

What was your favourite lolly from the ice cream van?

It was and still is, a good old Fab.

After a good snowball fight, how would you warm back up again?

A little cup of tea and a big hug with my mum!

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