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Retro Camera App – Retrospecs

8 Bit Artwork - Retrospecs Recently I came across an app that manipulates images into simulations of “retro” computer formats, called Retrospecs. As you can imagine, I excited beyond the normal realms of excitement. As you may know, when I was young I owned a Spectrum and a C64, and looking at loading screens for these 80s computers always fills me with a geeky nostalgic fuzzyness.

The app itself is so easy to use. You take a photo or select a previously taken photo, then select which filter to apply to it.

The current filters are:

Apple ][ (Low res)
Atari 2600 (NTSC)
IBM CGA (6 variations – enable them all within Settings)
BBC Micro (Mode 1 & 2)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Commodore 64 (Low res & high res modes)
Dragon 32 (PMODE 3)
MSX (Screen mode 2 and (for comedy value) 3)
Sinclair QL (Low res & high res modes)
Apple Macintosh (Original 1984 model)
Amstrad CPC (Colour & green screen versions)
Nintendo Game Boy

I absolutely love it! Genuinely! Take a look at the different filters in action. Click the images to enlarge.

For more information, check out 8 Bit Artwork and give it a try.

Also, please follow 8BitArtwork on Twitter for some superb images.

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