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Up above the streets and houses, rainbow climbing high,
Everyone can see it smiling, all over the sky.
Paint the whole world with a rainbow.

You know how your mind works when you’re a child, and how you pick up on the slightest thing? Well, I remember that I got really annoyed whenever I heard the opening theme to Rainbow. The reason? Because the rainbow resembles a frown more than it does a smile. If it was a smile, it would be up-side-down. Pathetic, I know, but it wouldn’t be me otherwise.

Anyway, Rainbow. A true classic. If you never watched Rainbow as a kid then you either didn’t have a TV, or you were never a kid. Not on this planet at least.

Here we have a bunch of the strangest going-ons you’ll ever see all under one happy roof. The head of the TV family was Geoffrey. Always happy. Always smiling. And who could blame him since he didn’t draw the short straw and end up on TV in a bear costume.

The person who did draw the short straw however, was the poor old guy who played Bungle.

Yes, we all find it entertaining to see some poor guy in a bear costume dance around on TV, and no doubt the bloke in the Bungle outfit was quite excited when he first started his new job, but please, just for one moment, just try and imagine how hot he must have been under those studio
lights. Short straw? What straw? The straw was so short that there was no straw. I suggest we bow our heads and give a moments silence as we think about what that guy went though in the name of entertainment.

And then we have Zippy and George. Despite the fact that they both permanently lived behind a table, not once did I ever wonder if they had legs. That little enigma didn’t enter my mind until I was a lot older.

When Geoffrey wasn’t dancing around inside a cardboard box pretending to be a robot, there were the other little bits that kept us entertained in classic Rainbow style.

Who could forget the little drawings that were drawn piece by piece while accompanied with sounds of racing cars and pneumatic drills. Whoever thought that one up ought to be given a meddle because it certainly left me giggling. And any Rainbow episode would not be complete without an appearance from the infamous Rod, Jane and Freddy.

Rainbow. Yes! Grab a paint can right now and let’s paint the whole world with a rainbow!

All sounds and images, motion or still in this section © Pearson Television

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From left to right: Freddy Marks, Jane Tucker, Rod Burton

All sounds and images, motion or still in this section ©Pearson Television

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