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We Have A Podcast!

To celebrate our 20th birthday, 80sNostalgia is launching a podcast! Yes – 80sNos will have been online for 20 years as of June 2019, so we thought we would celebrate by talking at you relentlessly.

This is the main reason we have been quiet over the last few months. We started production in October last year on the rather inventively named “80sNostalgia Podcast” and have done quite a lot of recording. Next comes the arduous task of editing and making everything sound good – not an easy task when you don’t like the sound of your own voice – so we may still be a bit quiet for the next couple of months too. Sorry.

We recorded some of the chats at events around the North West, with some being recorded via Skype and a couple in peoples houses, and each episode covers one main 80s topic.

Guest-wise, there are some people you will have heard of and some you will not know, but don’t worry if a podcast appears featuring someone you’ve never heard of. Give it a listen – I personally chose and invited all the guests onto the podcast because I know they are interesting. Being a well known name doesn’t necessarily dictate how interesting you are. I’m often astounded how some of the most interesting people on Twitter have so few followers, so I’m helping redress the balance by sharing chats with interesting people who I believe deserve a larger audience.

Currently we are available via Apple Podcasts – Click to go there.

And we are also available via the 80sNos podcast site – Podcast.80snostalgia.com

Currently there is a preview clip featuring snippets of chats taken from @illarterate talking about his least favourite mouse, @Octav1usKitten chatting about Horace, @GamingMuso recreating gaming noises, @Horsenburger on recreating artwork on Teletext and @RetroManCave sharing his favourite 80s cartoons.

The full podcast will launch in June 2019, on our official birthday.

If you have any suggestions for guests, including to volunteer yourself if you have 80s knowledge, drop me a tweet on Twitter.

Thanks also to Skor Avensis for helping with the podcast logo.


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