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Wales Comiccon 2019

Wales Comiccon first launched in 2008 and has remained one of the main places I go to to meet what I class as 80s legends.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Comiccons, they are a complex thing to try to explain – They are an event where people can dress up like their favourite fictional characters, but where you can also meet real people who have been on TV and in films. There are usually stalls where you can buy replica geeky things, but also it is a place to meet like-minded friends. It is a mishmash of everything that I like.

The main reason I go to Comiccons is to meet people who were part of my childhood. People who were in the TV programmes I watched, and who were in 80s films. The talented actors who played characters

Previous guests at Wales Comiccon have included:

Dave Prowse – Darth Vader himself, Dave Prowse, has attended Wales Comiccon a couple of times over the last 10 years. I bought a copy of his autobiography from Dave himself, which he was happy to sign and which I was elated he signed.

John Challis – Boycie from Only Fools and Horses. John has been at a few Wales Comiccons and is always happy to sign copies of his book, which he sells there ridiculously cheaply. I hope he didn’t get his stock from Del Boy!

Kiran Shah – Kiran was in The Dark Crystal. He played the Jen, the Gelfling, in all the shots where you see the full sized non-puppetry Jen.

Frank Bruno – Frank was an 80s boxing legend. Frank appeared at Wales Comiccon in April 2018 and was one of the most friendly people I’ve ever chatted to.

George Wendt – George played Norm from Cheers. I mean, how can you NOT want to talk to Norm from Cheers?!?

Justin Lee Collins – Justin is maybe the biggest fan of the 80s I’ve ever chatted to. I interviewed him for 80sNos a few years ago and met him in person a few months after at Wales Comiccon. He presented a series on TV called “Bring Back…” on which he reunited the stars of The A Team, the children from Grange Hill and members of Fame.

Anthony Head – Anthony was a big name in the 90s, playing Gyles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he also featured in a few 80s shows too. Howards Way, Lady Chatterleys Lover, The Comic Strip Presents, but he also starred in the 80s TV adverts for Gold Blend. Mmmmm, coffee…..

Lou Ferrigno – The original 1970s HULK was at Wales Comiccon last year! This was a dream come true for a 70s and 80s TV fan like me. Luckily I didn’t anger him too much, he didn’t start breaking walls down and the other visitors remained safe.

They say “Never meet your heroes” as if something will put you off them but in my experience , if you are a fan of 80s TV, meeting them is always a brilliant experience and Comiccons are the best places to do it.

Wales Comiccon is on 27th and 28th April at Glyndwr University, Wrexham, North Wales.

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