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Click the box above to activate the game.

The 4 Rules of THINK!

1) Counters can only be pushed in from the
bottom edge or the right edge of the board.

2) Winning lines of four can be horizontal, vertical
or diagonal.

3) If you make a line of four for your opponent, the
opponent wins, even if you have made a line

4) Counters can be pushed off the edge of the
board, and will be lost.

How Do I Get a Game of THINK!

Once the program has loaded you will see the
main icon menu screen. It is here that you decide
what sort of game you want. If you are using the
keyboard then the SPACE key will move the
cursor down, and the ‘M’ key will move it up. The
ENTER key will change the icon highlight. It is the
highlighted icons when you select play game that
decide what sort of game you want. For joystick
users, up and down moves the cursor and fire
shifts the highlight. The icons are as follows:-

ROW 1 – Select 1 or 2 player game, Tutorial or
Problem mode.

ROW 2 – Select what sort of game you want,
Normal, Speed or Blitz THINK! (N.B. Speed and
Blitz THINK only available in 2 Player mode).

ROW 3 – Select colour display between Default
colours, Black and White, User defined counter

ROW 4 – Select keyboard or joystick Input for
playing the game.

ROW 5 – Select a New game or resume the game
in play.

ROW 6 – Select Sound on or off.

On the right of the screen you have the following
icon options:-

RULES – See an explanation of the rules and
example plays.

SCREEN DUMP – Dump the current game screen
to a ZX compatible printer.

SAVE GAME – Saves the current game to tape.

LOAD GAME – Loads a game from tape.

PLAY GAME – Starts the game selected with the
highlighted icons.

Playing THINK!

Once you have selected the play game icon, the
computer will ask you some questions depending
on what game you have chosen. Once you have
answered them, the game screen will appear.
To place a counter on the board in keyboard mode
you just type EITHER the number or the letter of
the position you wish to push in from and press
enter. Your counter will now be played. With a
joystick you move the joystick left or right till the
cursor appears over the letter or number you wish
to play. Pressing the FIRE button plays your

If you want to access the icons at the right of the
screen then from the keyboard you press SPACE
when it’s your turn, or move the joystick down. To
get back, move the cursor off the last icon.

The game screen icons have the following

UP ARROW – Returns you to the main screen so
that you can alter parameters (Number of players,
colours, etc).

LAST MOVE – Displays the last move played.

COMPUTER – Forces the computer to play the
next move.

LEVEL – Shows the level at which the computer is
playing. This can be altered during a game.

LIGHT BULB – The computer will suggest a move
for you.

BACK – Takes back the last 2 moves.

During a game against the computer you can
force the computer to take its move by pressing
the ENTER key whilst it’s thinking. It will then play
the move that is currently displayed in the mes-
sage window.

At the end of the game you can REVIEW all the
moves by accessing the BACK icon.

1 is the fastest replay speed, 9 will wait for you to
press a key. Selecting the UP ARROW will get you
back to the main screen. You will also now see a
PLAY GAME icon. If you select this then you will
start a new game with the same conditions,
except that whoever started first will now play

THINK! variations


You will be able to set a limited amount of time for
each player to play their move in. If the time runs
out then the opposition gets to play their move.


You can set a time limit in which all your moves in
the game have to be played. If you run out of time
your opponent wins.


You play against the computer. When you input a
move the computer will decide whether or not it
was the best move. If you get it right first time you
will score three points, second time two, third
time one. After that the computer will play the
move for you. At the end of the game, the program
will give you a percentage score.


Using the icons you will be able to select one of
the 6 preset problems that are in the computer
and try and solve them. Or you can, using the
keyboard or the joystick, create your own pro-
blems for either the computer or another player to
solve. If you are setting up a problem using the
keyboard then the SPACE key will move the
cursor over the board one square at a time.
Pressing ENTER will put a Player 1 counter on that
square. Pressing it again will put a Player 2
counter there instead. Pressing again will clear
the square. When you are finished you can go
back to the main screen and select how you are
going to play the position you have set up. All
preset problems are for Player 1 to win in 2 moves.

Why is it called THINK!

Try playing it and you’ll soon find out!!


T H I N K !


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