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The Trap Door

Somewhere in the dark and nasty regions where nobody goes, stands an ancient castle. Deep within this dank and uninviting place lives Berk, overworked servant of the thing upstairs. But that’s nothing compared to the horrors that lurk beneath The Trapdoor. For there is always something down there, in the dark, waiting to come out.

Don’t you open that Trapdoor. You’re a fool if you dare! The theme music to this classic was as good as the programme itself. It was an animation masterpiece that followed the adventures of Berk, Boni a moaning skull, and Drutt a small strange little whizzy thing. The day to day routine of Berk looking after his master, more commonly known as “him upstairs” was constantly interrupted as things emerged from the Trapdoor to make their lives a little more difficult.

The voices were provided by the very talented Willie Rushton, which with every episode gave us a very entertaining, but surreal couple of minutes as Berk rushed around yelling “oh globbits”, and threatening to bonk (in the wack over the head sense, remember this was a kids programme) anything that attempted to pop it’s head (or whatever it had as a substitute) out of the Trapdoor.

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All sounds and images, motion or still in this section © their original authors

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