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The Clangers

The ultimate question has always been, and always will be, are we alone? Well, if TV is to be believed, the answer is no. Living on a far away planet, that strangely resembles the Moon live the Clangers. They bum around the planet all day, making strange noises and collecting soup from the Soup Dragon.
How can I best describe the Clangers? Well, firstly let’s take Bagpuss. We’ll change all the characters and base it not in a shop that sells drugs, but on a Moon somewhere. One thing stays the same though, and that’s the surrealism. There’s not enough though, so grab a jar of extra-strong surrealism and add an addition pinch or two. Careful now. Oh bugger, the jar slipped and the whole lot has gone in!!

It’s not a wonder I have grown up the way I have. How could anybody stay sane in a childs world surrounded by Button Moon, Bagpuss, the Clangers, and the various others that were obviously dreamt up by someone who obviously refuses to believe that the drugs-overdose known as the 60s is over.
The one thing I did enjoy was the fact that the stories were all joined together. If something happened in one episode, say for example they nick an American flag left by an astronaut and use it as a table cloth, it’ll appear in the next episode.
The Clangers – pure entertainment!

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