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Terrahawks stay on this web page. This is an emergency!

I’m ten-thirty (standing by), and my description of the program is ready for ten-fifty (launch). The only thing that can stop me now is a eleven-thirty (Diet Coke break). Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Come on, own up. Who when they were younger looked at their watch whenever the Terrahaws said one of their codes and got confused?

I must admit that I’m not a great fan of Gerry Anderson’s stuff, but Terrahawks is the exception to the rule. The theme music rocks, and the Zeroids roll. The story line may be slow at times, and at points you just want to smash your hand into the TV screen, and give the puppets a good slapping, but overall it’s just pure class!

The story goes like this. The year is 2020 and a special force has been set up to defend the Earth from the Evil forces of Skeletor. No, hold on, that’s a different program. They’ve been set up to defend the Earth from the Evil forces of Zelda. That’s better.

Zelda is your run of the mill ugly android, who after destroying the NASA Expedition on Mars plans her attack on the planet we humans call Earth. The only thing that can stop them is, as mentioned earlier, the Terrahawks. The team is headed up by Dr. “Tiger” Ninestein, a rather self-centered bloke who believes that he is better than everyone else. I suppose in a way he is due to the fact that he has another eight clones. But that’s not the point.

The rest of the team consists of Lt. Hiro who spends most of his time up in space talking to his plants. Lt. Hawkeye just goes with the flow, and who can blame him since he flies with Kate Kestrel who dispite having a hair-do that changes colour more times than a chameleon, generally flies straight into trouble.
Mary Falconer is your “don’t call me a chick” type chick, with her head screwed firmly on (which is a good thing, because I would rather it not fall off and start rolling towards me during a dinner party) and is Ninestein’s right hand man, err, sorry woman.

Then we have the Zeroids. Basically they’re a bunch of balls that roll around everywhere shooting at things when they’re ordered to do so. They are headed up by Sgt. Major Zero (voiced by Windsor Davies), who quite amusingly is absolutely hated by Ninestein.
Since the Terrahawks have strange ball robot type things, Zelda has to have her own – which take on the shape of cubes.

Terrahawks used to scare the crap out of me as a kid. Zelda looked just plain evil, and there was something about those cubes that used to give me nightmares. Despite that though, I continued to watch it, and I’ve got to say that after watching it again now it’s better than I remembered it.

In summary – Terrahawks is the mutts nuts!

All sounds and images, motion or still in this section ©Anderson Burr Pictures Ltd.

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Lt. Hiro

Lt. Hawkeye

Capt. Kate Kestrel

Capt. Mary Falconer

Dr. “Tiger” Ninestein

Sgt. Major Zero

Space Sgt. 101


All sounds and images, motion or still in this section © Anderson Burr Pictures Ltd.

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