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Julian Gollop


Rebelstar is a 1 or 2 player futuristic strategic wargame.


A D These keys constitute the 8 directions, for example
Z X C Q is up-left.

Only certain keys work at certain times depending on which menu
you are in. All of the following keys are also given on-screen.

N – Next Unit
S – Select
K – Cancel
O – Change object (then select a number)
F – Fire (then select the type of shot)
R – Reload
I – Information
M – Drop object
0 – End Turn

Depending on which snapshot you have, it will either be a one or
two player game. If it is a one player, the human player always
controls the Raiders.

The aim of the game for the Raiders is to break into Moonbase
Delta and destroy the core, located at the middle top of the
base. The aim of the Operatives is to kill all the Raiders.
Once one of these conditions is fulfilled, the game will end as
soon as the current turn finishes.

Both sides take turns to move their pieces. At the start of each
turn, all the units on that side receive a certain number of
Action Points, which they then spend during the turn to complete
certain actions. For example, moving horizontally costs 2 points
(unless it is over difficult terrain in which case it will cost
more). Everything costs a certain number of points, and once all
these are spent that unit can do no more for that turn.

To move through the units under your control, you can either
press N to go to the next unit, or simply move the cursor over
the top of them. Until you actually select a unit, you can move
freely around the map. Press S to select a unit.

To move a unit, simply press the direction that you want them to
walk in. Other keys represent other actions. To attack another
unit, simply walk your own unit into them.

When shooting, the map will change to only show scenery that will
get in the way of the bullets. You must move the cursor over the
target, and then select the type of shot. Each has it’s own cost
and chance of success. You will then see the bullets shoot
across the map, and if you are luck, hit the target.

Each of the units has various stats which will determine how good
they are at certain things. The basic settings for a unit can
be seen on the right hand side of the screen as soon as the unit
is selected, but for a more detailed view, select info.

– The Raiders will receive re-inforcements during the game if
they manage to destroy all of the laser defences.
– Don’t forget that when a unit has died, his weapons can still
be used.
– There are many objects lying around the base that have various
uses. There are coffee tokens, which can be used in the coffee
machines, and even a lawnmower.
– Only the Rebel robots are able to destroy the airlocks to enter
the base. They are also required to destroy the core, although
the Photon does also have a small chance of destroying it.

Rebelstar was the follow up to Rebelstar Raiders, a BASIC
program. In addition, it was followed by Rebelstar 2 and Laser
Squad. It could also be though of as the precursor to the
PC/Amiga game UFO, due to the strong similarities.


By Julian Gollop (1986)

Instructions taken from “The Rebelstar Collection” Players’
Manual (1991) by Julian Gollop.


Julian Gollop has kindly agreed to this game being made Public
Domain. Anyone is freely allowed to duplicate and distribute this
game for use in Spectrum emulators. It is requested that the
identification of Julian Gollop as the author of this software
is not removed and the code not altered.


The Rebelstar Raiders have discovered the secret location of
ISAAC, the imperial computer intelligence responsible for
breaking the Rebels secret codes. The computer is concealed in
a moonbase disguised as a mining colony. Moonbase Delta is well
defended, but the ISAAC computer must be destroyed at all costs.


There are two sides in Rebelstar. The Raiders are attacking
Moonbase Delta and the Operatives are defending. In the one
player game you control the Raiders and the computer controls the
Operatives. Each side consists of a certain number of soldiers
and droids, collectively known as units. Each unit is allocated
a number of ‘action points’ each turn, which are expended by
performing all actions, such as movement or firing. The Raiders
have the first turn. They must break into the base and destroy
ISAAC. The operatives must defend ISAAC. There are three basic
control modes in Rebelstar; Cursor mode, Select mode and
Fire mode.


Q W E each key corresponds to the direction
A D you want the unit to move in


CURSOR MOVEMENT: Use the direction keys to move the cursor around
the map. The map will scroll when you move the cursor to the edge
of the map window.

S – Select a unit under the cursor for movement and other
actions. The computer will change to select mode, shown by a
flashing unit.
0(zero) – End turn. Control is passed to the other player, or the
computer in the one player game.
I – Display information on a unit under the cursor
N – Go to next unit


In this mode the direction keys are used to move the selected
unit. Other controls are as follows:

F – Enter fire mode. This is only possible if the unit is
carrying a ranged combat weapon
M – Drop the object in use
P – Pick up an object
O – Change the object in use. Units can carry more than one
object, but only one object can be ‘in use’ at any one time
L – Load weapon. The unit must have a weapon in use and be
carrying the correct ammunition


When you select fire mode the map will change to display only
things which block the line of fire. Units will change to a round
blob. The aiming cursor is moved using the direction keys. When
you fire a weapon there are three different types of shot you can

1 – Fire an aimed shot. Accurate, but consumes many action points
2 – Fire a snap shot. Less accurate than an aimed shot but much
U – Set opportunity fire. This is a special form of fire which
is not taken immediately, but is ‘activated’ during the opponents
turn. The shot will be fired if an enemy unit moves in the line
of fire you have set between your unit and the aiming cursor.

The following ammunition is required for each weapon:

Laser Gun Laser Pack-1
Laser Pistol Laser Pack-2
Photon Laser Pack-3
Pistol Pistol Clip
Auto-Rifle Rifle Clip


When a shot hits a unit it may cause damage, wounding or death.
Each hit will inflict a random number of damage points depending
on the power of the weapon being used and the distance the weapon
is fired. Damaged units have their action point allowance


Certain objects have special uses in the game. When you want to
use an object on something you must have the object in use and
then move into the unit or terrain. The yellow security doors can
be open and shut with keys. Medi-probes can be used to heal
wounded human, and droid-probes can be used to repair droids. The
droid key is needed to activate droids.


Only the combat droids with their blast torches can destroy the
airlock doors and security doors. However a blast torch has a
very short range and low ammunition capacity. There are three
laser defense computers in the complex. If these are destroyed
by the Raiders then Raider reinforcements will arrive a few turns

Sinclair User – 8/10

There are two versions of Rebelstar; for 1 and 2 players.

Julian Gollop is famous for thinking up strange names for
characters in his games. With names like Stike Vomit, Leon
Trotsky and Leeder Krenon, we have to ask ourselves; is this man

There is a also a missing droid in Rebelstar! There isn’t a name
in there so it must be a Graphic Julian did but never put in the
game. So I thought I would alter this, here are the pokes that
changes the graphic of the Sentry Droid to the new droid. You
can enter these pokes via your Spectrum emulator,multiface or you
can merge the basic loader and place the following program.

10 For f=61519 to 61550:Read a:poke f,a:next f
20 Data 7,207,121,205,31,23,21,55
30 Data 224,243,158,179,248,248,248,252
40 Data 37,39,109,77,73,255,137,255
50 Data 252,124,254,126,222,255,223,255
60 Poke 44292,71:Poke 44293,85:Poke 44294,78:Poke 44295,129
70 Poke 44358,71:Poke 44359,85:Poke 44360,65:Poke 44361,82
80 Poke 44362,68:Poke 44363,129

Julian Gollop, as well as the sequels to Rebelstar, has also
written Nebula.


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