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Random Interview #5 – Simon Hewitt

Next in the series of Random 80s Interviews, we have a quick chat with Simon Hewitt. Simon was the event manager of Silicon Dreams, which featured a vintage computer festival.

simonhWhat were the best freebies in breakfast cereal?

I vaguely remember cartoon stickers, but they never lasted longer than a day!

Were you ever so naughty at school that you were taken to see the head?

I was generally a well-behaved shy child, so even if I did do wrong I got off lightly!

Share one secret you had in the 80s.

I had a terrible crush on one of my classmates, but was always too shy to tell her. It took me seven years to pluck up the courage to ask her out, and when I did she curled her top lip and turned me down flat.

Did you join any fan clubs?

I was in the Dennis The Menace Fan Club. Wasn’t everyone?

Did you send or receive valentines day cards when you were young?

No, I was too shy. I was also bullied at school, and any girl who liked me also got bullied. Cheery thought…

Did anyone famous ever come to your school?

Not when I was there, although I went to the same school as Kenny Everett and he did visit once.

Did you want to be a Punk or a New Romantic when you grew up?

Neither. I wanted to be a Nutty Boy as I liked Madness.

Did you have any memorable school trips?

We went to Chester Zoo once, and got told off for singing on the top deck of the bus. One of the boys was told off for asking if the bull was a punk, because it had a ring through its nose.

What did you rent from the video shop?

The Police Academy films and other comedies usually. We had Betamax when everyone else had VHS.

What genre of music did you listen to most?

I was into pop – Gary Numan, Adam Ant, Madness especially.

What toy did you always want but never got?

Scalextric. It wasn’t cheap and my parents thought it would take up too much room, especially as I already had about a 27sq ft Lego village.

While family was packing clothes and equipment, what “essentials” would YOU take with you on holiday?

Toy cars, then as I got older it would be my Walkman and a few cassettes.

How did a typical school parents evening report go?

I was generally a well-behaved kid, so my parents would usually come home with some sickly-sweet repertoire which the teachers had given them.

Write a short poem about your 80s.

The polite kid who wouldn’t lie
Well mannered and far too shy
Liked pop music and computer games
Even though classmates called me names

Who was your favourite band / singer?

For most of the 80s, Madness.

To follow Simon on Twitter, click here – @simondh

To follow Silicon Dreams, click here – @SiliconDreamsGB

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