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Jet Set Willy

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Q, E, T, U, or O = MOVE LEFT
W, R, Y, I, or P = MOVE RIGHT


Miner Willy, intrepid explorer and nouveau-riche socialite,
has been reaping the benefits of his fortunate discovery in
surbiton. He has a yacht, a cliff-top mansion, an Italian
housekeeper and a French cook, and hundreds of new found
friends who REALLY know how to enjoy themselves a a party.

His housekeeper Maria, however, takes a very dim view of all
his revellry, and finally after a particularly boisterous
thrash she puts her foot down. When the last of the louts
disappears down the drive in his Aston Martin, all Willy can
think about is crashing out in his four-poster. But Maria
won’t let him into his room until ALL the discarded glasses
and bottles have been cleared away.

Can you help Willy out of his dilemma? He hasn’t explored
his mansion properly yet(it IS a large place and he HAS been
VERY busy) and there are some very strange things going on
in the further recesses of the house (I wonder what the last
owner WAS doing in his laboratory the night he disappeared).

You should manage O.K. though you will probably find some
loonies have been up on the roof and I would check down the
road and on the beach if I was you. Good luck and don’t
worry, all you can lose in this game is sleep.

Why not join the Jet Set and share in Willy’s good fortune.
Software Projects are offering a prize to the first person
to write or telephone our offices in Liverpool with the
answer to the question:

“How many glasses must Willy collect before Maria lets him
go to bed”.

In exchange for this information we will present the winner
with six champagne glasses and a case of Don Perignon
champagne. In addition to this a Jet Ranger helicopter will
pick you up for a flight above your town when you will get
the chance to meet Mathew Smith the author of Jet Set Willy
and the other No. 1 selling Spectrum game from Software
Projects – Manic Miner.

Jet Set Willy can also be played using AGF and Protek and
Kempston joystick interfaces, Interface II and Hardware
Projects Sound Stik.

Author: Mathew Smith


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