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We all know about the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. Well, actually there is more than just one monster living in famous Scottish Loch, but a whole family of them.

One day, the two children of the loch’s owner, Elspeth and Angus come across a huge mound next to the loch. It turns out that it is one of said mosters, Sillyness, who managed to get his head stuck in a hole. The two children try to pull the stuck Nessy out, and encounter more from the family.

As a reward for helping out, despite the Nessys’ rule of never having any contact with humans, they are given secret thistle whistles which they can use to call the Nessys’ any time they wish. And so the adventures begin.

Each 5 minute episode is basically based around the same theme. The Loch Ness monster doesn’t exists, but people keep reporting sightings. The Nessys’ do their best to hide, but still continue to get spotted, usually while helping the children out with some task.

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