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Random Interview #2 – Phil Scowcroft

Interview number 2 in the series of “Random Interviews” is Phil Scowcroft. Phil is Head of Music at Bolton FM, a station that, over the last two years, has invited me in a few times to take part in Kev Gurneys Club Tropicana 80s show. I say “invited me in”, but I think they more […]

Random Interview #1 – Laura D

First up in the “Random Questions About Your 80s” interviews is Laura D McBryde. I originally got the idea of random-question interviewing from her, and so as a thanks it seemed fitting that she was the first person to be featured. To read more about the “Random Interviews”, see this page. Where was your favourite […]

Betamax VCR

The 80s saw a very vicious war, where there could be only one winner. It was the war between VHS and Betamax. Some people wondered who would win, but to me I knew who the winner would be. This was due to the fact that my father had a habit of always backing the horse […]

Peter and Jane books

You wouldn’t find books like these around today. I mean, look at it. There’s two half naked kids on the front cover asking you to play with them. Certainly an innocent enough book in those days, but today is likely to get you banged up on paedophile charges just for owning one. The Peter and […]

They Were Our Gods – Free Calendars

I was born in 1971, and consequently the 80s is the decade that holds many of my fondest memories. I still listen to bands that were at their most prominent in the 80s, I’m of the opinion that today’s action movies can’t hold a candle to those from the 80s… and I love 80s computer […]

Christmas Present Ideas

Stuck for what to buy for that 80s obsessed person in your life? Have a look through the list below for a few ideas. They are all things I either have myself, or would want to receive. If you love the 80s as much as I do, I’m sure you’ll love them too. Books 1980s […]

Family Parties

Every Christmas my mother, her sister and brother would each hold a family party. As a child both myself and my sister would dance away the night to 80’s music played by my older brothers or cousins. My brother’s music would consist of whatever had made it to No.1 in the charts as he would […]

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