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Back To The Future

The year is 1985. What happens then? Three very awesome things… Bryan Adams releases “Summer of ’69”, “Back to the Future” goes to theaters, and I am born. So I guess technically I am a child of the 80’s, but in reality I am a child of the 90’s. Not dissing, just wishing for a different time of birth.

“Back to the Future” is the greatest movie of all time to me. It holds a universal meaning, being a teenager is hard and time travel (should it be possible) is awesome!

Marty McFly is about to take one gnarly trip that he is likely to forget. After skate boarding his way to Doctor Emmett Brown’s residence to check on the great Doc, a little guitar action is needed before heading off to a day of monotony, also known as high school. Marty finds himself in a bit of a bind as Doc has set his clocks “precisely” 25 minutes behind actual time.

Huey Lewis and the News kickoff the unique ride through town to where Marty meets Jennifer, his girlfriend. Marty arrives at school late and Mr. Strickland, one of the movie’s antagonist, meets him in the hallway to let him know that he is indeed a slacker, just like his father before him. “No McFly in the history of Hill Valley has ever amounted to anything,” says Strickland. Oh we shall see Mr. Strickland.

Marty meets up with the good ole Doc at Twin Pines Mall to video Doc’s latest invention. That’s right folks, the great Doc turned a DeLorean into a time machine! I have to admit, before seeing this movie I had no clue what DMC stood for or what the hell a DeLorean was. Then the Libyans show
up. Marty witnesses what he thinks as Doc’s demise. Jumping into the DeLorean, as he slides and shifts through turns and stops Marty nearly reaches the needed 88 mph to escape. One thing Marty forgets, 88 mph is the time/space diffuser. Thrust into 1958, Marty is about to face the
“heaviest” challenge of his life.

Once reaching 1958 Marty encounters his father as a teenager, the future (or current to him) mayor of Hill Valley, Biff and his cronies. Following his father, Marty’s chivalrous side gets the best of him as he pushes his father out of the way of an oncoming car. Calvin Klein, better known as
Marty McFly, awakes in his mother’s room, in good ole 1958. Que the freaking out! Marty leaves to find Doc immediately. Finding Doc Brown wasn’t the problem, convincing the Doc was a different story. I mean who would believe that an actor would be the President of the United States??
Seriously? Thank the stars for the Flux Capacitor. And the proof of the DeLorean being hidden.

Lightening never strikes twice. Think again folks. It does when you know it will. Thanks to Marty’s Save the Clock tower flyer, he knows when and where lightening will strike. This will get him home, because any time traveler knows you have to have 1.21 jiggawatts (great Scott!!) to get “Back in
Time”! On to my favorite scene of the movie. I love the song “Earth Angel”, I’m pretty sure I never heard it before this movie. So that makes it even better. It looks like all hope is lost, and then BAM! George, Marty’s dad, finally pulls it together!

Marty and Doc have some issues to overcome while trying to piece together the ride home set up. Marty tries to warn Doc about what will happen to him in the future, but Brown wants nothing of it. Falling tree branches set the two apart before any explanation can be had. Marty leaves with a heavy heart. Doc has to climb the clock tower. The DeLorean makes her trip back to where she needs to be to start, but won’t crank once the time comes to go. A frustrated Marty slams his head into the steering wheel which jars her into going. Doc is hanging my threads to get all the cables connected as the storm gathers strength.

In the end, the DeLorean and the good Doc make it. Marty reaches good ole 1985 only to witness Doc’s shooting again. But this time, Doc sits up and reveals a bullet proof vest. Well played Doc, well played. Life has changed for Marty back home. His family dynamic isn’t what is was before. Since George finally stood up to Biff in the parking lot of the dance and punched him, his confidence allowed for a different life path than what Marty was accustomed to. It was a bit of a shock for him. Good, but still a shock.

I loved this movie because it was so simple and easy to identify with. I mean who hasn’t wanted to travel back to a simpler place? I know that Marty’s intention wasn’t that, but a lot of people would love to go back to pre-cellphones or Internet or instant gratification lifestyle just to see
what it was like. We live in a world where everything is right here right now. This takes me to place that I’m not familiar with and makes me think.

Also it’s just fun. The music is amazing, and the clothes are unique. I can’t explain what it is about the movie that makes me love it so much. I’d love to say I “Hey I remember being there for that…” I’ve seen some things in my life, but I remember when HBO had a little jingle and Max Headroom that scared the hell out of me!

Expertly reviewed by Rachel – @RMLee88 on Twitter

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