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3D Deathchase

Click the box above to activate the game.

DEATHCHASE by M J Estcourt

To load press ‘J’ key and, holding down red symbol shift, press ‘P’ key
twice. Screen should show LOAD “”. Press ENTER key and start tape – let
tape run to end.

CONTROLS: When loaded, press ‘1’ for keyboard control. The keys for play
are then ‘1’ – steer left; ‘0’ – steer right; ‘8’ – decelerate; ‘9’ –
accelerate; any key on bottom row – fire photon bolt.
Kempston joystick control is selected by pressing ‘2’ instead of ‘1’ when


It is 2501, 100 years after the Great War. The North American continent is
ruled by mighty warlords in constant conflict over forest territory. You
are one of the elite mercenaries, Riders of the Big Bikes. It’s a quick
way to get rich – and a quicker way to die. You patrol your forest day and
night, chasing enemy Riders and destroying them with your guided photon
bolts for $1000 a time. You may find helicopters and tanks too – your
masters reward you particularly well if you destroy these.

You can only fire at the other Riders when at top speed and cannot hit
them unless you are close enough – your range indicator will flash when
you are in range and your purse increases as long as your are in such
hot pursuit.

It is said that the greatest reward is kept for the Rider who can
penetrate 8 sectors – you will need every ounce of skill to find out…

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