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Picture the scene… My friends have just got over my obsession with The Hair Bear Bunch, when after several pints down the pub I calmly ask the question: Does anybody remember Wacky Races… Does any anyone remember who were the contestants? Everyone groaned, and another obsession had been born. So, me, being me, I go out and buy the video

So, The Wacky Races… How can I best describe it? Well… It’s a race, which consists of 11 contestants, and err.. that’s it really. Everybody races each other while Dick Dastardly with his sidekick Muttley tries to put all the other contestant out of the race, and therefore win, although his plans never work. One thing that has always confused me is that in order to set the traps, Dick Dastardly is always way in front of the other racers, so why does he stop to place the traps~ One day I’ll see an episode where he just drives, and wins the race (Althought I think that might defeat the plot just a tad).

Anyway, back to the original question that started it all off, can you remember all 11 contestants of the Wacky Races? Want to know, take a peek at the Characters section.

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Dick Dastardly and Muttley in The Mean Machine

The Slagg Brothers, Rock and Gravel in The Boulder Mobile

Gruesome Twosome in The Creepy Coupe

Prof. Pat Pending in The Convert-a-Car

The Red Max in The Crimson Haybailer

Penelope Pitstop in The Compacy Pussycat

Private Meekley and Sergeant Blast in The Army Surplus Special

The Anthill Mob in The Bulletproof Bomb (with Clyde, Dum Dum, Zippy, Pockets, Snoozy, Softly, and Yak Yak)

Luke and Blubber Bear in The Arkansas Chugabug

Peter Perfect in The Turbo Terrific

Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth in The Buzzwagon


All sounds and images, motion or still in this section © their original authors

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