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Secret Squirrel

Yet another Hanna-Barbera classic. Secret Squirrel (or sometimes refered to as SS or Secret Agent 000), and his undercover companian Morocco Mole fight crime in a way that, well, only cartoon characters can… with that ultimate weapon, corny jokes.

Armed with only a purple hat and a white overcoat that both conceal a variety of strange, but secret weapons, he rounds up the most devilishly clever villains in the world. While James Bond escapes from capture by using a laser embedded in his hi-tech watch, SS uses a far more hi-tech approach, a pair of scissors he just happens to have hidden under his hat. I think you get the point now. HB cartoons, don’t you just love ’em.

Time to state the obvious now – Secret Squirrel is an American production (please bear with me on this one, there is a point). How do I know this I hear you cry. Well, if you ignore the fact that it looks American, it sounds American, and well, it’s just blatently obvious that it’s American, there is one small giveaway in one of the episodes. It is the episode where they go to London (not England, but London) because the crown jewels have been stolen. If you are English, like me, I’m sure you’re going to appreciate what I’m about to say… The American’s have no idea what a British person sounds or acts like!

I would like to state now to all Americans, on behalf of all British people the following points. [1] There is more to England than just London. When you hop on a plane to come over here, you are going to England, not London (although you may visit London at some point) [2] We do not wear poxy black bowler hats [3] We do not carry umbrellas whereever we go, especially when it’s a bright sunny day, and [4] We do not speak like you obviously think we do, old chap!

It’s the same with any film that just happens to have a British actor in it. Welcome to one of my pet hates. This one’s just for the British people reading this page, I have included a sample from that episode on the sounds page. Have a listen, and laugh your head off. OK, that’s the rant over and done with. Secret Squirrel, yes, an excellent cartoon (despite the poor english interpretation). Thankyou and goodnight.

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Secret Squirrel

Morocco Mole

The Chief

All sounds and images, motion or still in this section © their original authors


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