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Random Interview #7 – @IUsedToLoveThat

Interview number 7 is with Brian, from www.IUsedToLoveThat.com.

He runs a site that reviews old toys, that I could spend hours on end looking at. He-Man toys, Transformers, a selection of interviews and more.

Over to you, Brian!

usedtoDid you ever have a birthday party, and which was your favourite one?

Only one that I can remember. All the guests got goodiebags with the mini airfix soldiers in them.

Did you learn to play any musical instruments at school?

Piano & Clarinet, only lasted a year or 2 into high school. Wish I’d stuck with piano.

Did you join any fan clubs?

Sadly no. Love seeing the ads and offers in the old comics though.

If you could spend a day in a TV show, which one would it be and why?

Oooh tough one. Id have loved a go in the FunHouse, or a shot on Nightmare. Ooh and the krypton factor….theres too many to choose from.

How did the 80s affect you as a person?

Growing up was great fun in the 80s, although moving into the 90s I sort of rejected the 80s, refusing to admit I enjoyed any of it. The late 90s I started to look back fondly and now its a big part of my life and the main inspiration for my Website and Hobbies.

Can you remember any jingles from TV Adverts?

Many, Many ads. Toys R Us is a particlar fav…not so much a jingle but also fond of fly fishing by ……

Did you save up for any toys? How long did it take and what did you buy?

Loved toys but my main purchase as a child wad a ZX Spectrum +2 128k – Cost a whopping £139.99

Looking back, do you think you had great dress sense or were you a bit embarrassing?

My dress sense was (and still is) pretty awful.

Did you make anything at school to take home and show your parents?

Nah. Probably just as well because I’m really not that handy.

What would you get, or would you have wanted to get, from the pop man?

Barrs Iron-Bru. Made in Scotland(from Girders) although if I was having a chippy it’d be Red Cola or Limeade.

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To visit his site, click here – www.IUsedToLoveThat.com

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