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Gaming at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

Get your game face on this summer at the Museum of Science and Industry’s first ever gaming event, featuring some of the most popular video games of the past 30 years. Running from Saturday 25 July to Sunday 9 August, PLAY it! Manchester – in partnership with leading gaming specialists Replay Events – is a […]

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  • Got a marketing email from my webhost earlier saying "Is your logo stuck in the 80s?" Well, yes, hopefully. 1 hour ago
  • RT @tony_milburn: Just watched one of my fav 80s films - Never Ending Story - sound track great #80s @80sNostalgia @KajaFax 1 hour ago retweeted via tony_milburn
  • @LeighFilmFest Only just heard about the Film Fest. Don't mind saying I'm a bit excited Leigh is getting something interesting! 5 hours ago
  • They could have run a more appropriate story above it, though! https://t.co/37Foz4kKTJ 5 hours ago
  • @Clarissa75 @_MarkJTaylor house for 6 months, just standing there, without his head on because the ceiling in his house wasn't high enough. 21 hours ago

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