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Skool Daze

SkoolDazeBully656x900Skool Daze, originally released 1984 on the Spectrum and C-64, is being remade, and this time its an official remake from Alternative Software!

In the original you played the part of Eric. The aim of Skool Daze was to retrieve Eric’s school report from the headmasters office by making the teachers shout out individual numbers from the combination to the safe. You had to do this while following the pattern of a normal school day, attending lessons, sitting in assembly, mingling at lunch time, etc…

You could shoot teachers with pea-shooters, punch the swot, write on the chalk boards… It was just like proper school! Sorry, SKOOL!

The graphics on the remake have been brought up to date with snazzy new characters, while retaining the essential original gameplay, and the controls have been adapted to touchscreen for use with tablets and phones.

Alternative Software say their official remake, currently being developed by Involution Team, will be in app stores soon.

Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on the full thing, but in the mean time check out a few pre-release screenshots below, courtesy of Alternative Software

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