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Sinclair Vega+ Launches 20th October

vegaplus2Earlier this year, Retro Computers Ltd launched an Indiegogo campaign to acquire funding for the Sinclair Vega +, the sequel to their original Vega console. On the 20th October the new Sinclair Vega + with be launched!

The original Vega was a device that you could plug into any TV and play any of the built-in 1000+ games, or even add more games via Micro SD card. It was a huge hit amongst retro gamers who wanted their dose of Spectrum gaming – we featured it on our 80sNostalgia Vega Hands On page, and the photos from the Press Day were the most shared ones in the history of our little website.

The new Vega+ handheld boasts an eitirely new design featuring a built-in bright LCD screen for gaming on the go, an original design by Rick Dickinson (designer of the original ZX Spectrum keyboard) and 1000 build-in games to play instantly.

You also have the option to plug it into your TV and play on a huge screen, and to add your own Spectrum games to the device using the Micro SD card slot.

It runs 48k and 128k games and allows saves in each game, perfect for us who know we aren’t very good at not being killed by massive aliens or a Snapping Robot.

The Vega+ has a launch price of £100 and will be available at all good retailers just after launch day, the 20th October.

We will keep you all posted with photos as and when they are released, and please follow SinclairZXVega on Twitter for updates.

For now, take a look at the insides!

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