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Justin Lee Collins Interview – it’s here!!!

jlcI recently had the genuine pleasure of chatting to a man who loves 80s TV shows so much, he tried to arrange reunions for the original stars of Fame, Dallas, Grange Hill and The A-Team. He’s a radio presenter, a lover of Conventions and he has maybe the best hair of anyone I’ve ever spoken to. It was the lovely Justin Lee Collins.

In preparation for this interview I had written about 30 questions. To my mind, 30 questions would make a good 30 to 40 minute interview. That was how it worked on previous interviews, so I stuck to the formula. I hadn’t planned on Justin being so thorough with his answers and generous with his time.

In the end I only asked about 8 scripted questions and our chat went on for a full 90 glorious minutes.

We discussed TV, Music, Toys and Games, Bring Back, Convention Crashers, Friday Night Project… it was THE most thorough chat I’ve had in a long time and I don’t mind saying I enjoyed it SO much.  I think “JLC Chats To” would make a great podcast series.

Click below to play the full 80 minute interview, or listen to the bite-sized 25 minute chunks.  Click the Popout button if you want to keep listening to Justin but leave the 80sNostalgia site.

Prior to our interview, Justin was kind enough to give us a mention on his Fubar Radio show:

      JLC talks 80sNostagia on Fubar - Fubar Radio

Justin is on Twitter as twitter.com/iam_jlc

He has shows on the following radio stations:
Fubar Radio
Tuesday & Thursday 8pm – 10pm.

XS Manchester
Big Boys Don’t Cry – Friday 7pm – 9pm
Good Times with Justin Lee Collins – Sunday 11am – 1pm.

See him in film soon
The Hatching

During our chat, Justin referenced Doug Hennings brilliant performance of Metamorphosis.

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