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For years I used to run around the school playground yelling “Batfink! My eye!”, and never knew why. Up until a few months ago I thought it was just one of those things that kids do, and was never actually related to anything until I came across the video in a second-hand store. All then became clear.

Batfink. A master crime fighter, with his sidekick Karate. Together they rid the world of crime, especially against his arch enemy, the evil mad scientist Hugo A Go-Go, who developed some very strange and dangerous inventions.

He could find the source of trouble by just sticking his head through the sunroof of the Batallac and announcing, “My supersonic sonar radar will help me”, to which he sent of a textual beep to sniff out the source of trouble. Was he a master crime fighter though, or just a plain fruitcake (or fruitbat {pause for laughter. No? oh never mind}). You try sticking your head out of a sunroof and announcing something like that and you tell me, as you are dragged away kicking and screaming to the local loony bin.

Never fear though. If you are like Batfink, nothing can harm you. Imagine the scene, you’re walking down the highstreet when somebody jumps out and threatens you with a huge marrow (first thing I could think of, sorry). Most of us would soil our underwear and leg it back to mummy. Not Batfink though, he’d stand his ground and then exclaim, “Your oversided vegetable cannot harm me! My wings are like a shield of steel!”, and then promptly get knocked on the nut with said object.

This was a very funny cartoon where the odd surreal joke was chucked in here and there, and even the narrator got involved in the action. Very silly indeed, and I love it.

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