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Want to write a quiz?

We have recently introduced a weekly quiz onto 80sNostalgia.com. The quiz usually consists of 5 multiple choice questions on one topic.

To see the current and most recent quizzes, just click on “Quizzes” on the top menu.

If you would like to supply a 5 question quiz, for others to complete, you can!

Just email me 5 questions, along with 4 multiple choice answers for each one. (PLEASE highlight or indicate which is the correct answer for each question!)

EG : Which gameshow featured Dusty Bin? The Generation Game, Family Fortunes, ***3.2.1.***, Strike it Lucky

It return for providing a quiz you will get a mention on the page itself and a link to anywhere that you like. Maybe you have a blog would would like to advertise, or you would like to give your twitter feed a plug. Just let me know and I’ll put your links on the quiz page too.

Please also think of a topic that your quiz relates to. Maybe you know a lot about a certain film, or a certain 80s TV show. If you would like to supply a general knowledge quiz, that is also fine too as long as it is 80s related.

My contact details are on the About Us page, under Everything Else.

If you need to ask any questions, please give us a nudge on twitter (@80sNostalgia) or email me.



One Response to “Want to write a quiz?”

  1. Keep remembering a kids show and tried googling it and so far found nothing bar another person querying it back in 2008 with no real leads… It was a puppet cat sat in a drawer – of a chest of drawers … And feel like the chest of drawers was in the middle of a tip / landfill
    Not really sure if the cat was a story telling cat or a small snipet of a more major programme – but definitely remember the cat being there – and always there in the chest of drawers …… Any ideas ?!?! Reckon its a 1984 ish time as my memory is so vague on it

    Posted by Gemma1980 | November 2, 2012, 9:37 pm

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