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Click the box above to activate the game.

Keyboard, Kempston

KEYS: I – Left }
P – Right } Joystick controls
O – Rotate }
SPACE – Drop – Joystick fire

Y – Speed up
S – Show next block
Q – Quit

For the very few people who don’t know how to play Tetris:
blocks of different shapes drop from the top of the screen into
a box. Each block is made up of four small squares arranged to
make a larger square, an L-shape or a column. As the blocks fall
they can be rotated or moved horizontally so that every space in
the box is filled. When a horizontal line is completed, that line
is “destroyed” giving you more points and moving the rest of the
placed pieces down by one square.

If a line remains incomplete, another line must be finished above
it. The more lines that stand incomplete, the higher the blocks
above them stack, reducing the space in which falling shapes can
be manipulated. Eventually the blocks reach the top of the
screen and the game ends.

The statistics box at the left of the screen shows the number of
shapes of different colours that have been positioned, and
another box at the bottom right shows what shape of block will
appear next. There are ten skill levels; the higher the level,
the faster the blocks fall.

Konami Code Enabled

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