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I’m the Storyteller, and my stories must be told… I have many stories, tales for both the young and old…

I used to watch this every single week. I have no idea how many episodes were made, but I must have watched them all. I remember it being one of the programmes I used to look forward to watching, and that we used to talk about in the playground.

One thing that came up in conversation, back when I was about 8, then was whether there was a childrens version and a late night adult version of Storybook International. My mate was convinced there was one later on in the evening for adults to watch, after we had all gone to bed, or why would John, (or Ivan, or Jan, or Johan, or whatever he was called at the time,) sing about “tales for both the young and old”? When else would the tales for the “old” people be on?

Despite everything I’ve said above, the only thing that my friends and I could EVER remember about it was the intro.

There was a man called John, who used to apparently wander around a forest, playing a guitar while singing, as various wildlife creatures would wander up and listen. Back then it was a completely innocent piece of TV, whereas they probably couldn’t show the same intro nowadays for fear it would encourange children to play in forests or talk to wandering minstrels.

The intro lasted around a minute and a half, and the programme itself probably lasted a further 15 minutes. But ask around; everyone I know just remembers the intro.

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