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Stoppit And Tidyup

Up until the age of 3, I thought my name was “don’t touch”. Bearing that in mind, here is a program with some characters with serious problems.

Welcome to the land of “Do as your told”. Stoppit is a mischievous little character that lives in a dump. Tidyup is his friend that lives just across the bridge in a very tidy neat little gherkin house.

In each episode we meet a new character, which could be anyone from “Eat Your Greens” to the big bad “I said no”. To say the whole thing is a little surreal would be a bit of an understatement. Basically the whole thing is tad bizarre , and makes you seriously think about exactly what “Don’t Do That” did to earn his name. It’s suppose to be perfectly innocent, but it really depends upon how your brain works.

Narrated by that strange knee-touching Irish man with a gravity problem, Terry Wogan, each episode lasts about 5 minutes and usually involves Tidyup sounding like a foghorn while Stoppit has some sort of object land on top of him.

All in all, it was very entertaining back then, and it still is now. I don’t honestly think that it would be the same without the voice of Terry Wogan. There’s something about his voice that compliments the 10 pints of lager needed to at least attempt to understand what the hell is going on. After the quick 5 minute burst, it leaves you with the feeling that makes you just want to say to yourself “What the hell???”. Or maybe it was just me.

Many thanks to Robert Hemsley who found this video for me. If I end up being carted out by men in big white coats, you know now who to point the finger at. For some reason I have an urge to go and boil a gherkin to death now.

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Comb Your Hair

Wash Your Face

Hurry Up

Go And Play

Poor Little Calm Down



Sleepy Old Go To Bed

Don’t Do That

Take Care

Eat Your Greens

Clean Your Teeth

Big Bad I Said No

The Sit Downs

All sounds and images, motion or still in this section © their original authors

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