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In one corner we have the evil Shadow Force, under the command of Emperor Dark. In the other corner we have the good guys, Starcom. Ding, ding, round one!

It’s your traditional fight between good and evil. Pretty much like any other cartoon of it’s type, but this one stood out from the rest for me, simply because it wasn’t just blasting lasers and the bad guys getting upset. Starcom injected some realism into the storyline.

The characters were believable, they acted like real human beings with a sense of humour, and a hunger for sarcasm. It wasn’t your usual “hello I’m a good guy, and nothing can beat me” type scenario, and that’s what made it entertaining. They all had their flaws, and had their own views on doing things by the book and respecting authority.

Each episode revolved around the star characters. Dash is the educated one who is extremely good natured, sarcastic, and hates doing things by the book. Slim is one who respects authority, and takes his work very seriously. And finally there is Crowbar, who relates to machines more than he does humans. With his wild sense of humour and infectious cackle, he is easy to like though.

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