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Here we go, more superheroes. It does make you wonder why the world is in the state it is in now when we supposedly have so many superheroes. And have you noticed that each one reckons that he/she (mustn’t be sexist now) is the most powerful.

Anyway, here we have the Space Sentinels. Many centuries ago three carefully selected Earthlings were transported to a far away land. In other words they were kidnapped. You see, they keep these details from you. That’s beside the point though. These three bods were given astounding powers and eternal youth. They were then plonked back on the Earth to defend it from all that is evil.

Hercules has the strength of 100 men, and no doubt demands the wages of 100 men as well. I hate people who think they’re good at something and think they’re better than the rest.

Astraea has the ability to assume any living form. I think that’s pretty cool. If I could do that I would be a worm. I’d cut myself in two and have a conversation with myself all day long.

And then there’s Mercury, who’s a quick little bugger and can run at the speed of light. If you think about it though, that can be a bit of a drawback. What does he use as an excuse for being late?

Together they’re all one big happy family under the control of the big computer known as Sentinel One. You can tell that he is a big powerful computer because he talks with an echo. In fact he has more echo than, err, a, err, a thing with a lot of echo. Nerd computer joke coming up – I bet someone forgot to put “echo off” in his autoexec.bat file! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, never mind.

And finally there’s Mo, Sentinel 1’s maintenance robot who has a thing for Astraea. How a robot can fancy a human being is beyond me. Think about it, it’s physically impossible! For a start, he doesn’t have the right parts, if you know what I mean. And how on Earth…. Oh I’m not even going to go there!!!

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