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Random Interview #8 – Garry Davenport

Random Interview number 8 is with Garry Davenport from Twitter.

He chose quite a few random numbers and so his interview is a bit more in depth than the others, and a really good read.

If you would like to be interviewed with random 80s questions, you can. Just send an email to chat@80snostalgia.com along with between 10 and 15 random numbers, and I’ll email you back the questions that your numbers relate to.

Heres Garry…

garrydWere you a board gamer or more of a toy player?

To be honest, a bit of both! I was really into the MB Games that were very popular in the late 70s and early 80s, particularly Mouse Trap, Operation, Buckaroo, and one that not many people remember, called “Pathfinder” – a bit like battleships, but you had to plot a route to find the hiding person, it was great fun. And I was into toys as well, particularly Matchbox cars and my Scalextric and Hornby train set.

Did you join any fan clubs?

Yes, I was a proud member of Dennis The Menace’s fan club and also Desperate Dan’s (from the Beano and The Dandy respectively).

Did you used to watch any gameshows?

Yes, I quite enjoyed them, particularly Play Your Cards Right and Bullseye. I also watched 3-2-1 but, being about 11 or 12 at the time, I found the clues to the prizes went way over my head – in fact, I watched an old episode on YouTube a few months ago, and the clues are impossible even watching as a 42 year old now – the contestants were definitely playing a guessing game.

Did you go Trick or Treating at Halloween? Was it successful?

Not really, although I do go now with my two young daughters – last October they brought home tons of sweets.

What were meal times like in your house? What would a typical tea time be like for you?

We were a “lap trays in front of the telly” kind of family. It was around 5:30pm, so near the end of the children’s programmes on BBC1. Pudding was usually being eaten when the 6 O’Clock News started, so I always associate pudding with the News music as a result!

Did you ever save up tokens and send away for anything?

No, can’t say that I did.

What would you put into a sweet shop mix if you had 50p?

Definitely Cola Cubes and Rhubarb and Custard cubes. My favourite! It was always “can I have a quarter of…” in the sweet shop, but with the modern measurements, you sadly can’t ask for that now.

What was your favourite Christmas/Birthday present?

I had a lot of great presents, but the ones that stick in my mind were the electronic games: Astro Wars (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astro_Wars) and Tomy Tronic 3D (it was the Sky Attack one – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomytronic_3D)

Did you collect anything and what happened to it?

No, I was not a collector, other than the Panini football stickers – I never finished an album! I don’t know what happened to them, probably got thrown away by my mum.

Did you make anything at school to take home and show your parents?

Yes, and my mum still has a clay money box that I made when I was 11!

Who was your favourite Doctor Who?

Tom Baker, who was Doctor Who from 1974 – 1981

Did you have any strange habits when you were young?

None that I can recollect, however I bit my nails

Did you ever do anything naughty at home?

Apparently I was a nightmare until about age 6 – my mum informs me that I emptied an entire box of washing powder in the bathroom and it resembled a scene from Christmas.

If you could spend a day in a TV show, which one would it be and why?

If we’re talking 80s shows here, then it would have to be “Dear John”. One the funniest and most under-rated comedies of the 80s, written by the late John Sullivan (who also wrote Only Fools and Horses, no less!) – even just being an extra on that show would have been amazing!!!

What was the worst TV programme of the 80s?

Well there are so many to choose from, but for me it would have to be “Blind Date” with Cilla Black. Really, the show was terrible, and the lines that the contestants gave were tacky and obviously rehearsed. So glad that it’s not on any more.

If you would like to read more from Garry on Twitter, click here – @garrydavenport

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