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Grandstand made some amazing games in the 80s!

Munchman was a blatant Pac-Man clone. It had a maze, a dot eating character, ghosts, power-ups, the repetitive eating noise… it’s even shaped like Pac-Man himself, minus the mouth!

The idea was to guide the Munchman around the maze, eating dots and avoiding the ghosts.

The LEDs were bright and inviting and so futuristic looking back in the day.

This was yet another of the games that I always wanted but never had. My mate Russ had it and so I’d go to his house every occasion I could. Russ’s bedroom was huge. So huge, in fact, that he had a snooker table in there. But whenever I went around to his house, I’d aim to have a go on his Munchman.

And his Stretch Armstrong.

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