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Mr Benn

As if by magic, the web page appeared! (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Hmm, surreal. Yes, surreal, that’s the best way to describe it. Mr Benn lived at 52 Festive Road and quite frankly he was a bit of a boring old chap. In an attempt to add a little excitement to his life he used to pop down to a small costume shop where he knew adventures began.

As if by magic, the shop keeper appeared. Mr. Benn picks a costume and then pops into the changing room to try on the costume. He admires himself in the mirror and then quickly slips out of another door into a magical world which depended upon the costume he was wearing.

He would have his little adventure, and then return to the changing room. He always bought some sort of object back from his adventure.

What gets me is that the shop keeper kept letting Mr Benn try on the outfits episode after episode, but not once did he buy anything. The shop keeper must have been on drugs (which would also probably explain how he managed to suddenly appear).

OK, let’s look at this another way. Let’s say that this magic changing room actually did exist, and was not because Mr. Benn had a bit of a contraband problem, and the shop keeper knew exactly what was going on. OK, the shop keeper may not want to charge Mr Benn for trying on the costume, but he should have charged him for the adventure. I’m very surprised that the costume shop managed to last more than a few episodes since it didn’t actually make any money. See where I’m coming from?

This program was not the sort of program young impressionable kids should be allowed to watch. It’s teaching them bad business skills. They grow up thinking that it’s OK to let people get away with using their services without paying for it.

I regularly walk down the high street, and I pass a sign in the window advertising a closing down sale. I chuckle to myself as I realise that the owner of that store obviously watched Mr. Benn as a kid and that’s why his business has failed.

Eeek, OK, I’m coming back to reality now. See what I mean, it may look like an innocent tv program, but deep down it can seriously shaft your brain. Or is it just me?

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Mr. Benn.

The Shopkeeper – (As if by magic, his picture appeared) (sorry, couldn’t resist again)

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