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Little Billy – New on Kickstarter

Simpsons Animator, Chance Raspberry, presents Little Billy: The Ultimate Nostalgia Cartoon!!! For Kids with Special Educational Needs!

Here is a chance for you to help a genuinely great, nostalgic idea become a reality!

Animator Chance Raspberry is creating a new cartoon, based in the 80s, about a boy called Little Billy. Little Billy is a puff-cheeked darling with a rare neurological condition known as UHS (Ultra Hyper-Sensitivity.) The cartoon is a heartfelt homage to all forms of childhood nostalgia, and specifically speaks out to kids with Tourette syndrome, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and other Special Educational needs.

Perks for donating include a Blu-ra or DVD of the pilot, Official Little Billy T-shirts, an original signed drawing by Chance Raspberry of Little Billy and loads more.

Take a quick look at the video on Kickstarter for more info, and please consider donating towards the project. All the details can be found on Kickstarter Little Billy

Kickstarter, for those unfamiliar with it, is a site where anyone with a great idea can pitch it to everyone on the web. You present a video of our idea, some descriptive text and offer people who think you have a great idea perks for donating. People donate if they want to see the idea come to life and, if the project gets enough funding within the 30 day limit, the idea becomes a reality.

This project features the 80s AND animation. How could you not want to help?!?

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