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“Where am I?”

“You’re in a room. There is a table in front of you and a sleeping orc on the right.”

Don’t worry, you’ve not accidentally clicked to go to the chatroom. This is the audio-descriptive world of Knightmare!

Knightmare was a TV show in which children had to remotely navigate a blindfolded, (or helmeted,) contestant through a high-tech CGI dungeon. Each team consisted of 4 children, 3 sat in a friendly dungeon watching the action on a monitor in a studio and one who was in effect blindfolded by a huge helmet and guided around by their mates.

So obscured was their view that they had to rely on the navigation team to tell them simple things like to “Walk forward 2 steps” or “Turn to your right”

Not only would they would encounter live actors to interact with but also, through the magic of computers, entirely imaginary but incredibly scary CGI ones too.

The team in the dungeon were assisted by Treguard, played by Hugo Myatt, a scary bearded dungean keeper who would provide the team with helpful tips. His sudden shouts of, “WARNING, TEAM!” followed by him pointing out an obvious and imminent danger only added to the excitement.

The contestant being guided had Life Force, a kind of health gauge, that used to deplete if they were ever attacked, were ever in a room filled with poison or if they hadn’t found food recently.


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