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Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

jayce1Once again this cartoon truly shows that the 1980s was the pinnacle of cartoons for kids.

Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors has time and again been voted the best cartoon intro ever and I find it hard for anyone to disagree. The cartoon wasnt to bad either. This has to be my joint favourite cartoon along with m.a.s.k and the infamous tom & jerry. My love for this cartoon is so great that I have the intro as my ringtone on my mobile.

The plot of the cartoon concerns Jayce, son of Audric, and his quest to rejoin his father. The backstory is that Audric was a botanist who did several experiments with biotechnology, one of which blossomed and became a young humanoid girl named Flora. Audric had also created a miracle crop that could thrive in any environment and was intended to end galactic hunger.

However, a burst of radiation generated by a sudden solar flare mutated his plant into an evil, sentient being, and changed other plants around Audric’s laboratory into similar creatures. They collectively became known as the Monster Minds, and refer to their leader (the first mutant creature) as Saw Boss.

jayce2Audric manages to create a magical root that can destroy the Monster Minds, but is forced to flee before he can complete the task, after which the Monster Minds turn Audric’s laboratory into their headquarters (which can teleport to other places by means of a mysterious power source known as “the power of the black light”). Audric keeps half of the root himself and gives the other half to his servant, Oon, whom he sends to serve Jayce. Thus, Jayce and his Lightning League friends are constantly on a quest to find Audric and combine the halves of the root.

Sadly though, like many other cartoons, there was never an ending made so the plot was never finished to a conclusion due to poor toy sales which complimented the cartoon series, although the film was commissioned along with the cartoon but it was sadly never made.

The series originally run from September 1985 to December 1985. By the end there was 65 episodes each lasting about 20 minutes.

Reviewed by Chris Holt.


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