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Todays Random 80s Interview is with @AdamPickering, from Twitter.

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Did you collect anything and what happened to it?

No it all got lost or thrown out, I’m making up for it now with my ever expanding Thundercats collection.

Were you ever so naughty at school that you were taken to see the head?

Hehe yes. a playfight got out of hand, got suspended for 3 days. How is giving a child time off school a punishment?

Did you learn any fascinating facts in the 80s?

Being born in 82 i learnt a lot towards the end of the 80s.. The best has to be that Dinosaurs existed!

Do you keep in touch with anyone from school, and if not why not?

i have one friend i sort of keep in touch with. Facebook put me in touch with most of the rest.

Were you allowed a bubbly in your ice cream screwball?

Yes, although i preferred a Knickerbocker Glory!

Who was your favourite teacher at school?

Mrs Pound.. What a legend!

Who was the cool kid at school?

No idea (It wasn’t me!)

Did anyone famous ever come to your school?

in the 90s Ludek Miklosko (Spelling?) The then West Ham Goalkeeper came to a school fete.

Did you go Trick or Treating at Halloween? Was it successful?

I dont remember ever going 🙁

What were meal times like in you house? What would a typical tea time be like for you?

A throw it together whatevers in the fridge/freezer meal, Plate on our lap sitting watching eastenders!

What was your favourite lolly from the ice cream van?

Can i pick 2? FAB & Twister.

What was the first film you saw at the cinema?

Fievel goes west.

What was your favourite lesson at school?


If you were back in the 80s, what would you like to ask your future self?

I would tell myself to collect more, I would ask myself to pay more attention & to find something i like to do and be the best i can be at it.

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