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Sit back, relax and clear your mind of everything. I want to paint a mental picture for you. First, imagine your favourite superhero (anyone apart from Hong Kong Phooey obviously). Now imagine that superhero if he had the ability to do Kung Fu. Now imagine that superhero if he didn’t have the ability to do Kung Fu, but thought he did. Now imagine your superhero fighting crime and bringing criminals to justice. Now imagine that superhero if he had no ability to do anything whatsoever, and the fact that the criminals ever got caught was a complete and utter accident.

Let me tell you now, that the picture in your mind is now that of Hong Kong Phooey himself. The most useless superhero in the world, but for some strange reason, always manages to catches his man (or woman, we’ve got to be politically correct now haven’t we).

So, who is this superhero? Sarge? (who has got it in for poor old Penre, the janitor). Nope! Is it Rosemary, the telephone operator? (who has a great ability to completely confuse anyone who happens to be listening in on one of her telephone conversations). Nope!. Is it Penre, the mild mannered janitor? (who to be honest is completely and utterly useless and clumsy, just like Hong Kong Phooey himself, hmmm, don’t they seem similar in abilities to you) Could Be!!!

By day, Penre the mild mannered janitor is, well, a mild mannered janitor, just getting in everyones way, and generally causing as much trouble for sarge as possible (not deliberatly). But by, err, day, (because at night he’s probably asleep), he’s also Hong Kong Phooey!!

While Clark Kent changes into Superman by hiding in a phone box or something, Penre changes into the ultimate waste of space known as Hong Kong Phoowey by diving into a filing cabinet. The only problem with that is that he usually needs a little help getting out of it again.

Hong Kong Phooey fights crime in the only way he can, badly. The fact that the criminals are caught is basically down to one of two things. One, it is by complete accident, or two, he has some help from his faithful police cat, Spot (which is a good name for him really. Take a look at his picture and you’ll see why).

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Penre – The mild mannered janitor

Hong Kong Phooey

Rosemary – The telephone operator


Spot – The police cat

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