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Henry’s Cat

“You must have seen the movie, you must have read the book, he’s a mellow yellow feline, so take a second look. He knows everything about nothing and not too much about that, so if you someone who knows what he knows then you must know Henry’s Cat…. MEEAAAOOW!!” Yes I am sad enough to still have the words to Henry’s Cats end credits etched into my little brain.

For those of you who can’t remember Henry’s Cat- He was a chilled cartoon pussy drawn in a Rhubarb and Custard style. Narrated by Bob Godfrey we would be treated to an incite of Henry’s Cats mind.

Whether it be his slightly over imaginative day dreams or his escapades against the evil sheep that is Rum Ba Ba or Farmer Giles is anyones guess. He was never alone on his ventures though as Henry’s Cat often had his blue bunny buddy Chris Rabbit, Pansy Pig, Douglas Dog, Sammy Snail, Mosey Mouse and so forth to accompany him. Henry’s Cat could be a circus ring master one week, decide to pop to the moon by balloon another, travel through time into and become a cave cat or quite simply go to a dinner party (yes a dinner party.)

The episode which sticks out for me is when Henry’s Cat holds a race for his friends putting up prizes from his loft. This was no ordinary race though, it was a race to see who could compete and showcase their talents the longest (exciting stuff isn’t it) Douglas Dog would try to bark the longest, Chris Rabbit hop the longest, Sammy Snail crawl etc. With such a thrilling contest underway Henry’s Cat struggled to decide a winner so much to my disappointment he called it a draw.

I’m sure that Chris Rabbits hopping abilities out classed Pansy Pigs eating but this was before our nation was gripped by reality television so there was no phone numbers to vote for our winner.

Henry’s Cat would often share his thoughts out loud so we all had a full understanding of this super mellow cat. Looking back now Henry’s Cat was so laid back I think he must’ve been smoking some illegal substances when our local bobby Constable Bulldog wasn’t looking. This also explains Henry’s Cats random eating habits. For instance his tomato soup sandwiches!

This was truly a cult classic and I highly recommend anyone who has a vague recollection of Henry’s Cat to go look him up, fall back into the mid 80s and enjoy what is for me kids television at its best. Happy reminiscing!

Review by Alex Smy

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