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It’s the usual story. You start of the day pretty good, decide to pop along to the local fare because you’re feeling a tad bored and decided to have a go on a Dungeons and Dragons ride.

As you all know though, things can go wrong. Despite the thousands of safety checks carried out on these rides, something will happen from time to time. Whether it be a bolt coming loose, or the entire occupants of the ride end up being transported to a distant world. You can ignore this fact, but it happens more often than you would think. So often in fact that they made a cartoon about it.

We all remember playing the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game at school. Yes, yes! I was one of those geeks, and quite frankly I’d admit to the fact that it was more interesting than playing football or flushing some boys head down the toilet. Actually, it was a lot more entertaining that flushing someone’s head down the toilet, because it was usually my head that got the soaking.

Anyway, I digress. The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon is about six kids who hop on a D&D ride one day, and end up in a mysterious world. Since their packed lunch was probably lost in transit, it’s only fair that they were given special weapons.

Their mission is to find a way home. Easier said than done since the keep stumbling into all sorts of monsters, and Venger (the evil dude) is desperate to get hold of the kids secret weapons.

They can handle all this, but what really hampers their chances of getting home is a little freak called Dungeon Master. He’s suppose to help them, but instead speaks in riddles and rhymes, which quite frankly does not help the situation. Message to Dungeon Master, speak English boy!

I suppose he’s only doing his job though. I mean, if he just spouted out “Hey guys, the portal to get you home is just over there”, then there wouldn’t be many episodes, would there.

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