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Defenders Of The Earth

Based in the year 2015, the Earth as per usual is under constant attack. Things just don’t change, do they?
Anyway, all would be lost if we didn’t have our lovely superheroes. And who do we have this time, the aptly named Defenders Of The Earth. The question is though, suppose the moon is inhabited in 2015? Not likely now I know, but anything’s possible. What would happen if that got invaded by dark side? Would they sit back and say “sorry guv, not my concern. I’m a Defender Of The Earth, not the moon. You’ll need the Defenders Of The Moon for that”.

Anyway, as per usual, I’m going on about nothing at all. You’re here to read about Defenders Of The Earth, not my ramblings.

As I said before, it’s set in the year 2015 and there’s a bunch of superheroes called The Defenders Of The Earth. We have Flash Gordon, who is err, well, Flash Gordon. Next is the Phantom who is one with the jungle. I know that feeling, especially after a Friday night on the town.

Continuing down the line, Lothar. His strength is a legend, his skills conquer all. Their words, not mine. After all, he’s a cartoon character so he can be as strong as he wants to be. The only issue is that He-Man has already admitted that he is the most powerful man in the universe, so you’ve got to be careful not to cause any copyright issues there.

And finally, in the main characters section, there’s Mandrake. Now he’s got to be all singing, all dancing now hasn’t he. After all he’s been named after a flavour of Linux, or is that the other way round. Doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that he is a magician so he has the ability to saw anyone evil in half without actually harming them. Bonus!

Just to make it a family show, the kids are involved as well. Rick is Flash’s son. Jedda is Phantoms daughter (bet that was a night of passion when she was conceived). L.J. is lothar’s son (Little Lothar I suppose). But then we have Kshin who is a poor little orphan. All he has is his pet alien Zuffy, which to be honest is a little unlikely in 2015. But there again, so is flying spaceships blasting every KFC in sight with a laser.

On the dark side, we have Ming The Merciless. Now this is a feasible character. At this point you’re thinking how Ming could possibly be a feasible character. Well, I can say that because I’ve actually met him, twice. First time I met him, he was a tutor at college. Second time, he was a Checkpoint Firewall-1 installation technician (and still works at my company). OK, I admit they may have not actually been Ming, but they damn well looked like him.

Defenders Of The Earth… Proof that just standing around and talking about a crisis is the best way to handle it. Anyone else noticed this? And if talking about it is not enough, if you stand next to your fellow superheroes in a long straight line, that’ll scare the pants off the enemy.

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