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Count Duckula

To a small child vampires are a scary thing. Well they were to me anyway. So, if a children’s cartoon was to be made about this very subject, what could they do to tame the horrific topic. Hmmm, first of all, let’s make it not a bat, but a duck. Alright, yes a duck is less threatening than a bat, but to be quite frank with you a duck is still a menacing thing, especially when you have a slice of bread in your hand. Those buggers despite having no teeth still have a vicious bite.

So, what else can be done? Why not make the vicious vampire duck less vicious by making it a vegetarian. Yes, that’ll work.

The story goes like this… When a vampire duck is killed usually by a stake (no, not the juicy rump variety) through the heart, or exposure to sunlight, it can be bought back to life by means of a secret ritual. The latest reincarnation didn’t go according to plan though. One of the things involved in the process is blood. Only problem is that the dumb nanny picked up a bottle of ketchup instead. This slight mix up gave birth to a vegetarian vampire duck, a very funny cartoon, and David Jason’s finest hour. Count Duckula!

Each episode revolves around Castle Duckla, and it’s inhabitants. First of all, obviously there is the Count Duckla himself. As already mentioned, he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of his ancestors because he is a vegetarian, and likes all things nice and tidy.

Then there is Egor, the Count’s man servant. He’s a little disappointed in Duckula due to his food preferences and the fact that he doesn’t like all things gloomy and horrible. All the same, he still has a job to do, and must look after his master.

And then there is Nanny. A large hen who is more clumsy than a Labrador that has just drunk six pints, and has an IQ that if it was any lower she would trip over it.

Take these three characters, add a few silly and some times surreal jokes, and you have one of the best cartoons ever made.

It leaves to me to say to you now, good night out there, whatever you are.

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