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Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes was a quirky thing, with cardboard cutouts of bunches of grapes for playing boards, and loads of green counters/ Each of the bunches of grapes had 20 grapes in total, 5 of which were unhappy grapes with unhappy faces on them. The unhappy ones were at random places on each card. You covered […]

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial? In one sense of the word yes, I suppose, in that it contained trivia, but it was in no way a small game. It was HUGE! The game of Trivial Pursuit involved making your way around a circular board, collecting six different coloured wedges. You earned these wedges by answering questions. Each wedge was […]


Careful…….. careful……. carfBZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!! Operation had been going for years, but my first experience of it was in the late 70s to early 80s. It was one of the first electronic board games I had played and probably the one that got me hooked on them. Inside the box there was a picture of a man […]




This was another game originally from much earlier than the 80s, but one that I played throughout the 80s. It was also another game that took much longer to set up than it did to play. Set up involved joining two tubes together, then individually threading thin plastic sticks through two facing holes in the […]


Jaws! RUUUNNNN! The Jaws game was the opposite of Buckaroo. In Buckaroo you had to place items onto a donkeys saddle. Place too many on and the donkey will kick out and throw all the items off. In Jaws, however, you had to remove items from Jaws mouth. Take the wrong thing and he’d actually […]

Hungry Hippos

I hated the TV advert for this, although I quite liked the game. Hungry Hippos was an up-to-4 player game, in which you had to frantically bash a lever on the back of a plastic hippo to make it lurch forward and eat marbles. Whoevers hippo ate the most marbles was declared the winner. The […]


Downfall was advertised as though it was a safe-cracking game. It was a two player game where players sat opposite each other. It was a verical board game in which you had to maneuver small coloured discs down from the top to the bottom of a board using 5 turnable dials with a few gaps […]

Connect 4

I can’t remember when I first got Connect 4, but I loved it. It would have either been the late 70s or the very early 80s, but I played that same game from that progressively tattier box for over a decade. Connect 4 was such a simple idea – Two players take turns to get […]


Cluedo was a weird board game. Its great if you’re an adult, trying to deduce who did what where and to whom. But as a child I never understood it because it was just a little too complicated. It is a board game in which you have to work out who committed a murder. There […]

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