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Grandstand made some amazing games in the 80s! Munchman was a blatant Pac-Man clone. It had a maze, a dot eating character, ghosts, power-ups, the repetitive eating noise… it’s even shaped like Pac-Man himself, minus the mouth! The idea was to guide the Munchman around the maze, eating dots and avoiding the ghosts. The LEDs […]

Atari 2600

The Atari 2600, originally released in 1977, is credited as being the first home computer games console to allow plug-in games. In reality that credit should go to the Fairchild Channel F, released a year earlier. It was the Atari 2600, however, that popularised the format. There were hundreds of cardridge games released for the […]

Astro Wars

Diddly dee diddly dee!!!


Boo Baa Boor Baa. (That was the noise it made, by the way.) Simon was a circular beepy pattern remembering game produced by MB. It had 4 brightly coloured sections with lights behind each of them. If Simon lit up the red section, you had to press red. Then it would light up red followed […]


Man alive, this always seemed like a dangerous game! I never owned it myself, but I would have loved to have a go on one just to see how deadly it actually was! Well, ok, deadly might be a strong word. How dangerous may be a better one! The point of Crossfire was to fire […]


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Transformers Toys

There can be no better 80s toy that the Transformer. For me, this was the ultimate 80s toy. I had about 10 of them, Bumblebee being my first ever one, and the Transformers Panini Sticker Album is the only one I EVER finished. Transformers were robots that you could transform into other things, usually vehicles. […]

Star Wars Toys

When I was young the big toys that every boy wanted were the Star Wars toys. They came in various price ranges. The models of characters were at the cheaper end of the range and EVERYONE wanted to get the popular characters. I knew quite a few people who had C3POs, Chewbaccas and Ewoks. Someone […]

Big Trak

Big Trak was just so cool. I never owned one myself as a kid, but a few of my friends did. I desperately wanted one, but my dad said it was a waste of money since all it did was move around after pressing a few buttons. Needless to say, he did buy me a […]

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes was a quirky thing, with cardboard cutouts of bunches of grapes for playing boards, and loads of green counters/ Each of the bunches of grapes had 20 grapes in total, 5 of which were unhappy grapes with unhappy faces on them. The unhappy ones were at random places on each card. You covered […]

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