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Super Gran

There are far too many superheros in the world. And what I want to know is where are then when I’m stuck on the hard shoulder of the M20 in the pouring rain with a flat tyre! Well, there’s another one to add to the collection. In a not-so-quiet town called Chisleton lives another. This […]

Super Ted

This is a story about an ordinary teddy-bear. When he was made, they found something wrong with him, and threw him away like a piece of rubbish into an old dark storeroom. Then from outer-space, a spotty man bought him back to life with his cosmic dust. He took him to a magic cloud where […]

Street Hawk

Jesse Mach was a motorcycle cop. I say was, because he had a bit of a run-in with some naughty men which resulted in his knee being busted up and his friend Marty being killed. He was destined to never ride a motorcycle again, but to be shunted into the Public Relations office where he […]

Stoppit And Tidyup

Up until the age of 3, I thought my name was “don’t touch”. Bearing that in mind, here is a program with some characters with serious problems. Welcome to the land of “Do as your told”. Stoppit is a mischievous little character that lives in a dump. Tidyup is his friend that lives just across […]


In one corner we have the evil Shadow Force, under the command of Emperor Dark. In the other corner we have the good guys, Starcom. Ding, ding, round one! It’s your traditional fight between good and evil. Pretty much like any other cartoon of it’s type, but this one stood out from the rest for […]

Spitting Image

Political cookery 101 – Take a pinch of the news, add some rubber puppets, add the truth as the average Joe Bloggs saw it, and there we have it. Spitting Image. How Spitting Image went on for as long as it did God only knows. While the news was trying to be diplomatic about sensitive […]

Speed Racer

Speed Racer is a teenager who drives a special sports car, the Mach 5, in races throughout the world. The Mach 5, designed by his father, a retired professional racer, contains features that enable Speed to drive over any terrain and through any obstacles. Speed has to use them often, since he frequently meets unscrupulous […]

Space Sentinels

Here we go, more superheroes. It does make you wonder why the world is in the state it is in now when we supposedly have so many superheroes. And have you noticed that each one reckons that he/she (mustn’t be sexist now) is the most powerful. Anyway, here we have the Space Sentinels. Many centuries […]

Secret Squirrel

Yet another Hanna-Barbera classic. Secret Squirrel (or sometimes refered to as SS or Secret Agent 000), and his undercover companian Morocco Mole fight crime in a way that, well, only cartoon characters can… with that ultimate weapon, corny jokes. Armed with only a purple hat and a white overcoat that both conceal a variety of […]

The Raggy Dolls

It’s not much of a life when you’re just a pretty face. Just to be whoever you are is no disgrace. Don’t be scared if you don’t fit in, look who’s in the reject bin. It’s the Raggy Dolls, Raggy Dolls, dolls like you and me. Right! Stop there! I can put up with the […]

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