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Bertha, lovely Bertha. You are a lovely machine, and anyone who works with you will know what I mean.

Name me one machine that you would call lovely. In my mind, anything mechanical equals disaster. Anything that is electronic is just asking for Armageddon. Put mechanical and electronic together and you get Bertha.
Bertha is an old fashioned factory machine that has finally been updated and computerised. The idea is that Mr. Sprot comes up with a design, and then Bertha builds it. Sounds fairly simple, but remember the two keys words here, “mechanical” and “electronic”. Something always goes wrong.

If she’s making a moneybox, it will be without a key. If she’s making a jack-in-the-box, the jack won’t stay in the box. You get the idea.

Each episode follows the average day at Spottiswood Factory. The workers there are happily working. Bertha is happily building. The writers are happily deciding how to screw up their perfect day.

I swear Bertha was an early 90s thing, but I’ve been told it’s 80s, and that’s why it’s here. Nether the less, I can remember watching it. Didn’t much like it at the time, but for some strange reason I love it now. Go figure.

All sounds and images, motion or still in this section © their original authors

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Ted – Bertha’s controller.

Roy – Quality Control

Nell – Packer

Flo – Stacker

Mr. Willmake – Factory Manager

Miss McClackity – The manager’s secretary

Mrs. Tupp – The tea lady

Mr. Duncan – The foreman

Mr. Sprott – The Designer

Tracey – Mr. Sprot’s assistant

TOM (Talk Operated Machine) – The robot that was originally designed to do a spot of decorating

Panjit – Works in the dispatch department

All sounds and images, motion or still in this section © their original authors

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