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New Book – Speccy Nation

Thirty years ago, a little computer with rubber keys, a handful of colours and a squawking soundbox changed the world. The ZX Spectrum inspired a generation of British enthusiasts not only to play games but to create them. Free from the pressure of today’s global markets and blockbuster budgets, eager young coders gathered in bedrooms […]

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Once again this cartoon truly shows that the 1980s was the pinnacle of cartoons for kids. Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors has time and again been voted the best cartoon intro ever and I find it hard for anyone to disagree. The cartoon wasnt to bad either. This has to be my joint favourite cartoon […]

Quiz – Events of 1982

This weeks quiz has been written by 80sNostalgia regular, Chris Green. Say “Hi” to him on twitter. He would like that. He is GiddySage on there.

They Were Our Gods – Free Calendars

I was born in 1971, and consequently the 80s is the decade that holds many of my fondest memories. I still listen to bands that were at their most prominent in the 80s, I’m of the opinion that today’s action movies can’t hold a candle to those from the 80s… and I love 80s computer […]

CITVs 30th Anniversary Weekend

UK TV channel CITV is 30 years old this week! To celebrate, they are dedicating an entire weekend to showing some of the best bits from the 80s and 90s. Shows on offer include Super Gran, the comedy about a bionic OAP (with a theme tune sung by Billy Connolly); Count Duckula, the David Jason-voiced […]

Raiders of the Lost Ark

When Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in 1981 it achieved the impossible; it was as cool as Star Wars despite being confined to Earth and set in the past. (Yes, technically, Star Wars was also set in the past, but that was in “a galaxy far, far away” and it sure looked like […]

8-Bit Synth Town

If you like late 80s computers, and dare I say it early 90s ones too, then you will absolutely LOVE 8-Bit Synthtowns latest EP. It is a 5 track EP of Christmas songs, all lovingly created as chiptunes. Have a listen online using the controls below, then please consider buying yourself a copy of the […]

Quiz – The Love Boat

This weeks quiz has been sent in by quizmaster Chris Green, or @GiddySage on Twitter.

Christmas Present Ideas

Stuck for what to buy for that 80s obsessed person in your life? Have a look through the list below for a few ideas. They are all things I either have myself, or would want to receive. If you love the 80s as much as I do, I’m sure you’ll love them too. Books 1980s […]

General Knowledge Quiz

This weeks quiz was sent in by Dale, @Gripper1976 on Twitter. If you would like to submit a quiz for inclusion on here, I’d love to read it. Just let me know by emailing me. My contact details are on the About Us page.

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